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Our designers have mixed and matched pieces so you don’t have to.

Not everyone who steps into our showroom knows exactly what they’re looking for. Sometimes you need a helping hand to guide you through the choices. Our expert design team relishes the opportunity to help create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Whether for commercial or residential spaces, we will analyze your budget, taste, and personal style to determine what themes and combinations suit you best.

You may, of course, pick from the style presets laid out by our team when you first arrive. These preset design themes are specially selected to inspire a unique tone and mood. Choose from one of these presets to experience the tasteful suggestions of our designers without all the work.

Perhaps you know what you want and it isn’t one of the presets. It’s wonderful when you have a strong vision for your place! Maybe all you need is a keen set of eyes to help you find all the furnishings and fixtures you need to complete your dream kitchen or bath. Our design team is more than happy to assist you. Whether it’s guiding you to the perfect faucet or giving you a second opinion on a wood finish, our design team is ready to help you get everything you need immediately.