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The DXV Collection

The DXV Collection

Welcome to The DXV Collection, by American Standard.

American Standard is raising the standard of beauty. Each oval is honed, each line trued. Each piece, the ideal of a hundred-fifty years of evolution.

Come by Hylan Showroom to see for yourself how The DXV Collection is raising the standard of design, so beauty can peak again. These top-end bath and kitchen products are built with precision, care, and a sense of design that stretches back hundreds of years. Once again it’s undeniable that American Standard is in a league of its own in kitchen and bathroom design and furnishing.

From pristine faucets to perfect bathtubs, amazing sinks, and the most comfortable kitchen and bath environments to last for generations, you’ll agree that The DXV Collection is the best. In the words of American Standard, “Our products are made for you, to outlast you.”